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One-year-olds are probably the easiest age groups to give gifts too. For one, they can’t talk yet, so they can’t really complain if you give them socks or a sweater for Christmas. On the other hand, they’re generally easy to please (just look at how delighted they are to run away with your TV remote control or your house keys).

Kidding aside, if you’re on the hunt for the best gifts for a 1-year-old, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for toys for a girl or a boy, here are suggestions for giving gifts for one-year-olds. 

1 Year Old Safe Baby Toys

If you’re giving gifts for 1-year-olds, make sure to check for safety certifications. Steer clear of toys that have small parts (like small screws, bolts, or washers), as these could come loose and pose a choking hazard. Also, make sure that toy components are made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic material, since babies are especially fond of putting anything they can get a hold of inside their mouths.

Featured Toy: TOP BRIGHT’s 1 Year Old Activity Cube playset is made from unvarnished natural solid wood with polished edges and non-toxic water-based paint with no lead and burr.

Give Multipurpose Gifts

Gifts that serve more than one purpose not only give you more value for your money, they’re likely going to be useful for longer too. For example, if you’re thinking of buying a push walker, look for one that doubles as an activity center (like the Hape Wonder Walker Push And Pull Toddler Trainer) or is bundled with other toys (like the Hape Block and Roll Cart that comes preloaded with colorful puzzle blocks). 

Or if you’re looking to give ride-on toys for a 1-year-old, choose one that comes with adjustable seats or those that can be used more than one way, like the Hikole Kick Scooter that comes with foldable seats, or the Ybike Pewi Ride-on Walking Toy, which can be used initially as a push walker and, later on, a ride-on pedal-free bike. 

Give Age-appropriate Toys

Don’t be in such a hurry to give a one-year-old high-tech toys or toys that come with really sophisticated, detailed parts. Some of the best toys for a 1-year-old are those that they can interact with and those that allow them to develop their motor skills and may be simple wooden toys or soft, plush stuffed animals. Here are some suggestions:

  • Whack And Learn Mole – It may seem like a silly toy, but this award-winning toy is actually good for enhancing coordination and fine motor skills, as well as teaching young children about cause and effect. 
  • iPlay, iLearn Baby’s Plush Stacking Rings – These colorful, chunky, and soft plush stacking rings that come with different sounds and textures are perfect for multisensory play; they’re great for developing hand-eye coordination and logical thinking too.
  • Cloth books – Soft cloth books that come with simple illustrations and words are a perfect way to introduce young minds to language  

Check out our complete list of gift ideas for 1-year-olds below. If you have other wonderful gift suggestions, let us know by leaving us a comment below!

46Fisher-Price Boppin Bugs Playset

Each bug makes a unique sound as it pops up to surprise baby. A best selling baby toy by Fisher-Price.

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45Tummy Time Playmat

This polar bear mat offers support for all your baby’s wiggles and kicks. The sweet matching prop pillow gives baby a lift as she learns to push up during those first few months.

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44Radio Flyer Walker Wagon 1 Year Old

The “resist push” feature allows beginner walkers to safely build confidence and balance. Removable wooden stake sides add to the fun and the furniture friendly bumper protects your home as your little one learns to walk.

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43 1 Year Old Activity Cube

This colorful wooden toy set comes with three colorful blocks, a shape sorter wall, and a variety of walls to encourage early learning during playtime. This activity cube is made from natural solid wood with polished edges and non-toxic water-based paint with no lead and burr. It’s one of the most versatile best toys for 1 year olds.

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42 Whack And Learn Toys For Babies

Our toddler learning toy is specially designed to help your baby develop fine motor skills, problem solving skills, logical thinking and communication skills

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41Gund Cozy Collection Fox Plush Stuffed Animal For 1 Year Old and up

The Cozy Collection features soft, cuddly companions with special plush that feels like hugging an old friend! This adorable curious fox with ultra-soft fur makes the best snuggling friend for any age be it 1 year olds, 2 year olds, that may a child’s best friend long into their childhood, even for 9 year olds!

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40 Munchkin Bath Bobbing Toys for 6+ Month Old Babies

Turn your tub into the arctic with Munchkin’s arctic-inspired Polar Bear and Penguin Bath Bobbers. Watch as they sink and pop right out of the water, surprising your toddler with giggles time and time again. Every day is a winter wonderland with these bobbling arctic companions.

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39 Baby Drum Keyboard Musical Toy

Let your favorite little people rock out on this musical instrument. Not only can they practice their own gross motor skills, but they can become little rockstars!

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38Baby Toys Soft Rubber Cars

Big Mo’s Toys Soft Rubber Cars make ideal gifts for any little baby. These floating cars are great bathtub toys for it is rubber and made of the same materials as the rubber duckies.

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37 Plush Stacking Toys For 1 Year Old

IPlay, iLearn is a caring, family business created by an Early Childhood Teacher and Mother, who wanted to ensure that all Children have access to fun, safe toys that assist in their development of life skills, motor skills and thinking processes.

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36Multicolor Plush Baby Educational Toy Ball

About 6 Inches in diameter. Made of stuffed soft plush with many colors and textures. Specially designed for baby and easy to grasp.

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35 Baby Bedside Musical Lamp

Portable Bluetooth Music Nightlights offer a gentle and calming glow for children of all ages.

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34 Soft Pullback Baby Toy Cars

The Melissa & Doug Pull-Back Vehicles set for babies and toddlers includes 4 safe, soft vehicles including a school bus, family car, fire truck, and police car.

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33 Baby Walker Activity Center

Entertain and stimulate your child’s early development with the Tiny Love Meadow Days Here I Grow 4-in-1 Mobile Activity Center.

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32Baby Activity Pillow

A unique combination of a soft resting area and a self-contained play environment for babies and toddlers. The triangular fabric covered inflatable ring provides additional sideways support for baby during rest and play.

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31 Treetop Adventure Activity Table

This wooden activity center is packed full of exciting features! Includes 4 quadrants with a variety of activities: 6 tracks with animal-themed gliders, 6 bead runs with colorful wooden beads, a spring flower and more.

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30 Little Tikes Baby Swing

The Little Tikes 2-in-1 snug secure swing is for children who absolutely love to swing. This baby swing from Little Tikes is the perfect combination of safety and comfort. Caring parents will love all of the different safety features found on the Little Tikes swing.

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29 Educational Baby Dinosaur Toy

Learn about colors, shapes, numbers and food with the chomp & count Dino by VTech. Put the colorful play pieces in the Dino’s mouth and watch as he eats and recognizes each piece! This Dino is hungry, so feed him a healthy treat.

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28Baby Activity Table

This entertainer is loads of fun from babies to toddlers! The baby activity center transforms into a stand and play activity table for an older child’s use.

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27Squirting Baby Bath Toys

Make bath time a splash with colorful Little Squirts Bath Toys from Nuby. Little Squirts help improve coordination and encourage imaginative play. Squeeze and squirt streams of water from these playful aquatic characters. Bright colors and playful designs will provide countless hours of fun for your little one.

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26 Xiapia Toddler Push Tricycle

XIAPIA Baby Balance Bike Toddler Tricycle Bike No Pedals 10-24 Months Ride-on Toys Gifts Indoor Outdoor for One Year Old Boys Girls First Birthday Thanksgiving Christmas, Have our own design patent, recommend for 10-24 month baby; no pedals, fully enclosed wheel, avoid clamping baby’s feet.with limited 135 degree turning to avoid baby side falling down.

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25 Kick Scooter With Foldable Seat

Beginning with a toddler scooter with seat; Little baby kids’ll be able to sit down on a comfortable & removable & adjustable seat,Adjustable handbar with height range from 19″- 28″ which can grow with your child.

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24Wonder Walker Push And Pull Toddler Trainer

Award Winning Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy-Moveable knobs, gears and colorful balls turn it into a busy-box on wheels. The rubber lining of the wheels make this a great choice for kids, while the storage base offers room for friends to come along for the ride! Easy 15 minute assembly and your child will be all set to go discover the world!

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23Block Roll Toddler Wooden Push Cart

The Block and Roll Cart from Hape will have children zooming past on their feet in no time. This innovatively designed push and pull toy features a sturdy wooden frame to provide kids a safe, stable base to lean on as they walk farther and farther each day, and brightly painted blocks that add even more entertainment.

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22Whisper Ride On Push Car

A toddler push car with a sleek automotive design, smooth quiet ride wheels, and a kid powered car horn

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21 Pewi Walking Ride On Toy

Terrific Ride-On. The Pewi is YBike’s enhanced educational and developmental ride on “walking buddy” push toy for children age 9 months old to 3 yrs. For indoor/outdoor play on smooth, level surfaces.

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20 Little Tikes First Slide 1 Year Old

This Little Tikes kids slide is just the right size for your little one. It folds and unfolds in seconds, which makes it easy to store. This plastic slide promotes fitness, balance and coordination.

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19Jellycat Stuffed Bunny For 1 Year Old

Bashful Beige Bunny is a popular fellow with scrummy-soft Jellycat fur and lovely long flopsy ears mean that with just one cuddle, you’ll never want to let go. Irresistibly cute and a perfect gift for boys or girls.

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18 5 Layer Ball Drop 1 Year Old Educational Toy

The children will load the balls into the kitten’s mouth at the top and watch the ball roll down from platform to platform guessing the whole time where it will land.

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17Teeturtle Octopus Stuffed Animal

Show your mood without saying a word with a reversible plushie! squish often, cuddle daily!

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16 Munchkin Floating Bath Toys

Delight your baby with floating bath bubbles that rattle, bobble, spin, and shine. They are sized for little hands to hold and are perfect for baby’s first bath toy.

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15 Crib Rail Developmental Plush Baby Toys

Baby Crib Activity Spiral Stroller Toy, with 4 hanging characters of Bird, Owl, Rainbow ball and Ring rattle.

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14 Baby Einstein Soft Stacking Block Toys

The baby Einstein explore and discover soft blocks are a 4-block set that are perfect for little hands to discover and explore. Each block has a different activity and real-life imagery.

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13Baby Soft Cloth Books For 1 Year Old

Cuddle up with your baby and enjoy some of these love-filled favorites soft baby books .What’s key is that your baby hears and remembers your voice.

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12Jigsaw Puzzle Baby Toys

Attractive Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids, Your Best Holiday/Birthday Gifts for 1 2 3 Years old Boys and Girls.

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11 Story Cloth Baby Book 1-3 Year Olds

This soft book can help you with lots of vivid colors, lots of features and limited text. So you can tell your story and spend time with your child. Suitable for bonding on the knees of mom or dad!

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10 Baby Toddler Activity Playmat

A cozy, nature-inspired play space for your curious little cub. With a woodgrain-patterned structure, this baby gym has a whimsical outdoor feel.

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9Popup Animals Baby Toy 9 Months

Giraffe, elephant, panda, lion, and monkey have come to play. (But shhh, right now, they’re hiding.) Slide the lever! Push the beeper! Flip the switches! Turn the key!

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8 Color Moon Lamp Kids

Remote and Touch to change color (including lunar white and warm white). Long press to enable the dim function

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7Squirting Baby Toys

This fun 8 pack of bath squirts includes a chicken, sheep, cow, pig, horse, owl, duck and frog. Help baby develop fine motor skills while learning to identify animal names and sounds.

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6 Baby Shark Sound Book

Its matt, non-glaring pages are soft on the eyes while children are invited to touch, press and listen to our Sound books. Sing along to ten Baby Shark songs as the audio button plays the matching tune.

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5Baby Bicycle For 1 Year Old

Developed modular design, take only 3 steps to assemble. Easily done within 2 minutes, no tool required.

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4Baby Building Blocks

Now your little one can build anything they imagine when they use the blocks and special shapes to create tall towers, crazy castles, funny animals, or whatever else they dream up!

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3Spin Fill Bathtub Toys

Babies can pour water in the two chambers with stackable cups to rotate the cartoon eyes, create waterfall, drive totary gear and rotate propeller. The bathtub toy not only brings babies funny bathtime but also develops babies’ hand-eye coordination, motor skills and shape recognition.

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2Baby Activity Center

Your little monkey will have a blast in this 2-in-1, safari-themed entertainer—it “grows” along with your child! As your baby sits in the comfortable fabric seat, a platform full of animal toys.

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1Little Tikes Fairy Cozy Coupe Ride On Toy

This beautiful fairy inspired Cozy Coupe provides endless imaginative and active play. Cute, cool and ready for action! This cozy ride-on features colors and styling to please every little princess. The fairy riding toy encourages active play, imagination, and developing motor skills.

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