The “preschool years”—the ages between 3 and 4—are an especially golden time in child development. No longer toddlers, children within this age range experience significant growth in their cognitive, social, physical, and emotional skills. (Little girls, in particular, rapidly acquire an arsenal of words that they find useful when barraging parents and adults with questions about everything.)

Looking for a gift for a 3-year-old girl but are not quite sure where to spend your money? Toys are always a good idea. (Kids learn best through play, after all). But with the millions of toys, thingamajigs, and gizmos out in the market today, it can be hard to search for that one perfect gift.

Here are our suggestions and ideas for age- and developmentally-appropriate gifts for 3-year-old girls.

Toys that Encourage Speech & Language Development

Around age three is when kids’ minds start to experience a massive upheaval. Little girls in general pick up language and speech more easily, so consider buying them books and toys that teach them about words and vocabulary.

Additionally, kids pick up words more readily if they are set to song. The Peppa Pig Microphone is perfect for amplifying little voices and encouraging young singers.

Read-along books (like the Paw Patrol Electronic Reader and Peppa Pig Moonlight Bright Book and Flashlight set) are a great gift idea for pre-readers too.

Other educational toys for 3-year-olds worth considering are Leapfrog’s My Own Leaptop and the Touch and Learn Activity Desk.

Gifts that Develop Motor Skills

Toys that target physical development—that is, fine and gross motor skills—also make great gifts for 3-year-olds.

Ride-on toys, rocking horses, and swing sets are great for teaching balance and keeping youngsters on the move overall.

There are also toys that help fine-tune little girls’ fine motor skills, such as the Unicorn Coloring Book, Learn to Play Baby Grand Piano, and the Byserten Flower Garden Building Set.

Toys that Promote Cooperation, Sharing, and Turn-Taking

From playing alongside other children, three-year-olds now start to appreciate actually playing with others. Look for toys that help kids along in their social skills. Here are a few ideas:

Take the guesswork out of gift-buying and browse through our carefully curated list of gift ideas for 3-year-old girls below. Have an item you’d like to add to the list? Share it with us in the comments section!

48Melissa & Doug Dollhouse

Melissa & Doug’s classic wooden dollhouse let’s your little one role play with different characters and rooms. Let her engage in imaginative play by herself or with friends. The dollhouse closes to easily tuck away.

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47Unicorn Fairy Tale Dress

Forget Disney princesses, little girls should be their own unique self and wear a dress of their own if they want to. That’s why this dress represents the rarest and most magical animal on earth, the unicorn. Wonderfully made from fairy magic for the little one’s dress up play. 

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46Fire Kids Edition

Stream through Wi-Fi or view downloaded content on the go with 16 GB of internal storage and up to 7 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching video, and listening to music.

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45Touch And Learn Activity Desk

The Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe by VTech is a three-in-one desk with interactive activity cards that’s expandable for more fun and discovery! The desk features an interactive desktop and five pages to explore that are filled with engaging content including the abc, numbers, music, colors and more.

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44Adorable Polk-a-dot Tea Set

A fun lavender polka dot tea set for kids to invite their friends and stuffed animals over for a tea party! This 10 piece set includes everything you see here.

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43 Princess Playhouse

Inspired by castles in fairy tale, this beautiful and remarkable princess house can help your little princess dreams come true. A cozy getaway for little girls to play make believe.

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42 Unicorn Coloring Book

This children’s coloring book is full of happy, smiling, beautiful unicorns. No one says you have to color inside the lines if you’re a unicorn!

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41Magnetic Drawing Board

Forget crayons! This cool tablet let’s little kids draw without the mess! Colorful and eraseable, there’s no ink, just a pen that magically draws onto this tablet in different colors. No more coloring on the wall for those little hands. The board is magnetic so little girls can stick magnets or stickers to it.

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40Travel Friendly Talk And Trace Clipboard

The Doc is in, so let’s get learning with the talk & trace clipboard by VTech and Disney. This electronic clipboard has 4 Learning activities and 15 playful melodies.

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39Peppa Pig Karaoke Microphone

Take your turn in the spotlight with Peppa Pig and her pals. Grab the music-playing microphone and sing 24 songs including “Muddy Puddles.”

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38 Little Tikes Tball Set

Beginning T-ball set includes an easy-to-use oversize bat, 5 oversize baseballs and tee. Adjustable height “T” adapts to a child’s developing skills. Special “hang-on-the-wall” design for easy small-space storage.

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37 Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Playset

Crayola scribble scrubbie pets Mega pack animal toy set brings kids crafts to life with all 12 washable animal figures from our core and expansion packs that little would-be groomers can customize again and again! Set aside your traditional coloring books and choose a pooch or get funny with a bunny.

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36 Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Electronic Reader

Take a tour of amazing Adventure Bay with the PAW Patrol! Eight illustrated books featuring everyone’s favorite pups come packaged with a sleek Me Reader Module that reads each book aloud.

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35 Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit

The pop beads jewelry set let’s little girls make jewelry with their little hands.

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34 Byserten Flower Garden Building Set

This kids outdoor toy set is great for developing fine motor skills and finger strength. It also cultivates beauty and creativity.

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33Peppa Pig Moonlight Bright Book And Flashlight

Peppa Pig knows space is a brilliant place! Use your flashlight to light the way as you join her on a magical trip to the moon.

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32 Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Piggy Bank

Cha-ching! Get ready to cash in on playtime fun and learning! This piggy bank introduces baby to counting, colors, Spanish and more through music, silly sounds and phrases. With 10 colorful coins to drop into the Piggy Bank’s back, and a door for put-and-take play, it’s a toy with lots of exploration. Baby can press piggy’s nose to hear musical responses and sing-along songs, too.

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31Unicorn Ride On Toy with Wheels

PonyCycle is the world’s First Simulated Riding Toy that doesn’t rely on batteries or electricity, but on the child’s own power. Instead of traditional Rocking Horses and Spring Horses which keep the rider in one spot, PonyCycle allows the child to ride wherever they want, making them feel just like they’re on a real horse.

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30Lego Tech Machines Duplo Engineering Set

The LEGO Education 95 piece set includes the components required to assemble four construction vehicles, a crane, and a wind turbine as well as other construction-scene accessories and figures to help students learn about machines and their functions. A great addition from STEM toys.

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29 Platform Tree Swing For Adults And Kids

If you are looking for a great gift that has that extra cool and exciting wow factor, then you will love our LAEGENDARY glider toddler swing. A gift of play for boys or girls of any age, to lure them away from the TV and Pc.

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28 Plush Rocking Horse

The smart rocking horse design won the award from Melbourne and Nuremberg toys exhibition for the fabulous plush animal design and widely loved dual-use function.

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27 Learn To Play Baby Grand Piano

With elegant curved legs, this 30-Key Baby Grand is chic, educational, and durable. Unique chime-like tones are created by small hammers striking metal rods, producing a charming sound that will have little pianists mesmerized. The width of the keys promotes proper finger placement in the youngest of pianists, enabling an easy transition to a larger piano.

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26Gourmet Kitchen Wooden Refrigerator

Hape Gourmet kitchen kid’s wooden play kitchen fridge toy comes with a built-in ice dispenser, waist-high switch and reusable wooden ice cubes.hape’s stylish wooden fridge for kids is designed with realistic role-play in mind and features cupboards set to a perfect child-friendly height.

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25 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset

Little chefs can’t wait to whip up some fun with the best chef’s kitchen pretend kitchen Playset by Step2. The stylish, open design and fresh colors complement any play area and allow for engaging social play! Toddlers will have a blast pretending to cook on the pretend stovetop burner that features real lights and sounds, as well as serving delicious pretend brewed coffee to guests with the included coffee pot. Best of all, they learn the importance of clean up too!

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24 Fox Rocking Horse

Rocking activity can exercise the baby’s grip and core muscles during the motion, this activity is also helpful for improving balance. Climbing up and down the rocking horse also strengthens the arm and leg muscles.

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23 2 In 1 Toddler Workbench

UNIQUE FOLDING TOP: Kids workbench not only has various tools for kids to play but also has a unique folding top which makes it be a blackboard or a learning desk.

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22 Wooden Horse Baby Swing Set

Our toddler swing is carefully designed to be both environmentally friendly and completely safe for your little one.

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21 Giant Stuffed Tiger

This giant Siberian tiger stuffed animal features life-like details from the tip of its striped tail to the pads on its front paws.

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20 Secret Life Of Pets Beanie Babies

These 15cm approx tall soft toys make a great addition to any Beanie Babies collection and are suitable for kids aged three and up. Collect your favourite characters from the movie with this great high quality range from TY. This listing is for the complete set of characters available: Chloe, Buddy, Snowball, Gidget, Duke Max and Mel.

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19Kids Outdoor Pool

This toddler pool will make any swim party fun! The kiddie pool includes two molded-in seats, an umbrella, and funnel cups for endless sand fun. Features two molded-in seats. Designed to hold a 40” (101.6 cm) umbrella that nests nicely on the side of the pool providing shade for your little.

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18Magformers Xl Double Cruiser Set

Extinguish fires or construct buildings with the Magformers XL Double Cruiser Set! Build a fire engine and add a siren and firefighter to save the day! Using 5 geometric shapes, clip in digger accessories and attach wheels to race to safety! The original and authentic Magformers. Perfect for brain development, critical thinking and STEM education

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17Remote Control Police And Racer Cars

Prextex Cartoon Vehicles are the Perfect Introduction to RC Toys for Young Children and Toddlers.

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16 Lincoln Logs Building Blocks

A LINCOLN LOGS CLASSIC, JUST THE WAY YOU REMEMBER IT – Inspired by one of the original LINCOLN LOGS builds, the “Meeting House,” this 100th Anniversary Tin will evoke nostalgia in older generations and bring happiness to children. The manual offers three building ideas: a tall tower, two small houses with a bonfire, and a large cabin.

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15Vtech Kidibeats Drum Set

Kids learning toy has three drum pads and cymbal each with its own unique sound for sensory development, Toddlers can play along to 9 melodies in styles including rock, dance and pop; music toy teaches letters, numbers, and music.

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14 Construction Vehicle Rug Set

EXERCISE N PLAY Mini Construction Vehicle Play Set with a Kid Play Car Rug is a perfect present for kids, which will create meaningful experiences in the car world and make some interesting and happy memories of their childhoods.

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13Leapfrog My Own Leaptop

LeapFrog and have teamed up to offer this item in Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging; a recyclable, easy-to-open alternative to traditional packaging. Personalize pretend computer play with My Own Leaptop. Choose and download songs for a custom playlist, explore 6 learning activity stations and personalize emails for your child to enjoy.

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12 Magnetic Blocks

Soyee magnetic blocks help foster brain development and creative thinking by giving kids and teens constructive ways to express themselves. Encourage creative thinking and help kids learn how to solve complex problems as they play.

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11 101 Piece Educational Construction Set

legos for boys age 4-7 toys 4-5 year old 3 eti boy stem 4 olds puzzles kids ages 4-8 gifts education ETI Toys is here for all your toys! If you want your kids to enjoy educational toys that progress learning, versatile to different age groups, promote collobartion with other kids then look no further!

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10Keyboard Play Mat

Musical play impacts children in a big way. It teaches self-expression and sparks all areas of child development, including intellectual, social, emotional, motor and language skills. help with child development, brain power, memory, confidence, patience, socially and fosters creativity!The Cyiecw Piano Mat will introduce kids to music.

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9 Whack A Frog Game

The Whack-A-Frog can help develop fine motor skill, encourage the development of your toddler’s hand-eye coordination and attention span. Also, encourages toddlers to cooperate and take turns to play whack a frog game, develop communication skills.

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8Kick Scooter

The kick scooter is for kids whose age is 2 years old and older; rear brake; and 3-wheeled design keeps the kids safe and gets them active. The weight of the scooter is perfect to keep balance, good quality.

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7 I Spy – Everything!

Discover this fun game, I Spy – Everything!Each puzzle focuses on different letters of the alphabet – all you need to do is find the item that matches each letter, then turn the page and see whether you’ve chosen correctly!

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6Educational Building Toy Set

With our unique and innovative building toy set, rest assured your kids are spending their time getting a brain-push while collaborating with others to create fun block-structures.

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5Aquadoodle Drawing Mat

FREE TO FLY Large Size Dinosaurs World Pattern Water Drawing Mat – Best Gift Toys For Toddlers, Never make a mess – Just add water – No Ink-No paint-No toxic-Non chemical, Save trouble for you & Safe toy for your kid – Disappear automatically – Durable high-quality.

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4 Kidtastic Take Apart Toys

This pack of take apart toys with tools includes Train, Helicopter, Truck, Motorcycle and 3 Dinosaurs. It also includes 7 screwdrivers to encourage kids to play together. No more fighting over whose turn it is. Perfect for twins, playdates or families.

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3 Wooden Train Set

Learning is fun with the KidKraft waterfall mountain train set and table. The wide, generous children’s play table is kid-sized, for hours of creative play for young minds.

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2Lego Duplo Cargo Train

The LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train is now even easier for your toddler to control and interact with in multiple ways. Young children will love this fun toy as they become the DUPLO locomotive driver with the Push & Go motor — a gentle push either forwards or backwards sends the train on its way and a firm hold or lift off the tracks will make it stop.

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1 Joystar Kid’s Bike with Training Wheels

A cool trike for with training wheels and adjustable heights for toddlers as they learn to ride with the extra support at first, then on their own.

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