For the friend who lives a minimalist lifestyle and wants nothing… we’ve still come up with a gift list! Minimalists aren’t about material possessions… but that doesn’t mean they don’t want anything. What they prefer are meaningful experiences, relationships, learning, connection all without spending money on accumulating “stuff”. Instead of getting something a minimalist would probably consider unnecessary, here are some crafty ideas for thoughtful gifts. 

4Audio Books! Give them a gift pass to

Is your minimalist a book lover or have a long commute that needs some substance? Get them an Audible gift certificate so they can catch up on the latest edition of Marie Kondo. 

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3Gift them information about their DNA

You’ll never give a more personalized gift than that which is provided by genetic DNA testing. Give a gift that can report against ancestry, health and wellness. Your gift recipient will learn the different sources of their ancestry, the different percentages that compose their DNA, they have the option to opt to learn more about genetic diseases they may be more susceptible to, and they will learn of interesting genetic facts about their DNA.

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2The Minimalist’s Wallet (For Men or Women)

If your minimalist friend is still carrying around a brick of a wallet, help them shed that down with these slim alternatives. This wallet allows the owner to carry the essentials like your credit card, drivers license, some cash, and anything else shaped like a card in a stack. The elastic band keeps the cards tight together. Pull the tab up and get access to all of your cards. Flip to the back and find your favorite card at your finger tips. There’s also a small pocket for some cash. This wallet is perfect for men or women. Women can forget the purse and opt for a tiny alternative that fits in your pocket instead. Men can stop creating square sized imprints of their bulky wallets on their pant pockets and instead stash this gem. 

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Or choose a metal variation for a sleek, polished look. 

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1The Minimalist’s Do Everything Speaker

Help your outdoor friend stay out of the sun with a cool outdoor inspired hat. For smaller heads, look for mid or small head size hats. Here is one of our faves.

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