Did you just do a generic search of “gifts for men” hoping to find a magical list that will solve your every need for finding the perfect gift for a man? That’s completely… OK!

The truth is, every month, hundreds of thousands of people do this exact search with good intentions but a hard time finding a gift or having time to think through the right gift. Not everyone is good at coming up with a gift idea and it has nothing to do with how much you care. Clearly, you have noble intentions if you are thinking of a gift at all.

Don’t worry. You are in good company. And you are doing a really nice thing. It’s hard and time consuming to brainstorm gift ideas. We know this! That’s where Instagifts comes in.

We’ll help guide you to the right lists to inspire the “perfect” gift idea that you can click and buy. Everyone can find a thoughtful gift. Our goal is to be your gift giving sherpa. We’ll lead the way. You can select from our curated lists as you narrow your scope based on who your gift recipient is so that they can receive something they appreciate.

Let’s start with a few questions…

First, if this is a gift that’s based on anything the individual will like… like a birthday, we want to start with what you know about hobbies they enjoy. This is one of the easiest ways to find something they will feel is genuinely thoughtful from you.

If it’s for a different occasion where the occasion surpasses their own personal interests, take a look at some options by occasion.

Let’s start off by what you know about them…

? Pro-tip: Learn more about your gift recipient’s interests by looking at their Facebook or Instagram. What kinds of photos do they post – food, animals, plants, travel, concerts? What have they been doing recently? Search for “I want” in their social feeds.

Now let’s break down a few options for the type of things they enjoy…

Do they love the great outdoors?

Check out these lists for people who love camping, hiking, road trips.

Do they love food?

Take a look at our gift list for people who love hosting dinners, cooking, wine, coffee, or craft beer.

Do they love animals?

Go here for people who love animals, or if you are looking more specifically… go here for people who love cats, dogs, or corgis.

Do they love indoor plants? Honestly, indoor plants are trending hot now that many people live in small apartments. There are some really cool options here.

Do they love TV? Are they super fans? Check out our lists for TV addicts.

Need more ideas beyond those lists… alright *rolling up sleeves*.

What is something they have been itching to learn recently? Find a book about that subject.

Do they have an organization that means a lot to them? Make a donation in their name and let them know with a card.

Do they love a local sports team? Get them a jersey of their favorite player or tickets for two!

Do you need more help? Let us know in the comments what kind of person you are gifting and we’ll come up with some custom ideas!


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