To a toddler, nothing can be more exciting than the thrill of riding things that go “vroom-vroom,” whether real or imagined. At age one, when children are already sufficiently adept at walking unaided, you may let them play with ride-on toys to help them develop their sense of balance as well as enhance their dexterity and motor skills.

Ride-on toys come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. Wondering which one to get a one-year-old? Here are some tips to help you select the best one among all kids’ ride-on toys.

At one year of age, children are still getting the hang of balance and may even still wobble when walking. For starters, you may go with the Little Tikes Push and Ride Racer, which comes with a handy push bar at the back so little ones that aren’t quite “there yet” get to practice by pushing the racer to get around. It’s got four wheels too, which makes it more stable.

You can also go with kids ride on cars that come with a parent push handle like the Whisper Ride On Push Car or the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe (which comes with a removable floor board, so children can drive them around “Flintstones-style” when they’re a little bit older).

Additionally, toddler ride-on toys can have two wheels (like the Strider Sport Balance Bike or the Kinderfeets Retro Wooden Balance Strider), three (Kinderfeets Tinytot Balance Tricycle), or four wheels (Lil Tikes Go and Grow Giraffe Ride On). In general, the more wheels, the safer and more stable the ride is going to be, so take that into consideration when choosing ride-on toys for young children.

Ride-on toys may also come with a functional steering wheel (like the Plasma Car or the Top Bright Tricycle Scooter) or not. Some ride-on toys that don’t come with a steering wheel, like the Prince Lionhart Wheely Bug, are equipped with casters so children can still maneuver them whichever way their feet take them.

Ride-on toys vary in price range. If you’re not keen on buying another ride-on toy once a child outgrows it, you can opt for one with an adjustable seat (like the Chillafish Quadie Four Wheeler Ride On, which can be used from age 1 to 3 years old).

How about kick scooters? It’s best to wait until baby is older (around 2 years of age), as younger children that haven’t mastered balance yet may be prone to falls on a fast-moving ride-on toy with a narrow base. (However, there are kick scooters like the Radio Flyer Scoot Scooter Ride On and the Hikole Kick Scooter that can be converted from ride-on to kick scooter mode later on).

Bottom line: Safety comes first. Although the best ride-on toy is one that fits your budget and needs, don’t forget to make child safety your top priority.

Check out our suggestions for great kids’ ride-on toys below. If you’ve got questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a message in the comments section.

25Lil Tikes Go And Grow Giraffe Ride On

Kids will love this adorable riding trike. The friendly face makes kids happy and the foot-to-floor format makes it easy for children to ride. An adjustable seat lets children use it longer. Builds coordination, balance and large motor skills.

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This top rated balance bike from Humble-Bee is simple, safe, and comfy for toddlers to learn how to ride a bike by learning how to balance first. It comes in 3 different colors: green, blue and pink with a soft, cushy seat.

Top Customer Review Said:

The overall looks are great and i have gifted this to a few of my friends. Lol, the best christmas gift for my kid. First off it’s adorable, it has such a great design with the bee.

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23The Original Plasma Car By Plasmart

The sleek, innovative design of The Original PlasmaCar features a patented safety seat, polypropylene wheels, and is kid powered; kid approved! Sit with both feet on the footrests, turn the steering wheel and away you go. Turn and navigate in small spaces indoors, and ride outdoors on sidewalks, pathways, and any other safe, smooth, flat surface.

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22Little Tikes Push And Ride Racer

A riding toy and walker in one! This foot to floor ride on toy includes a kid-sized push bar. Little ones can ride themselves or use as a push toy. This push ride on toy car is ideal for use indoors or outdoors. The seat on the back is the perfect place for bringing along a favorite toy or pal (stuffed toy not included).

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21Whisper Ride On Push Car

You’ll have to agree that push cars for toddlers just don’t get any cuter than this pink Whisper Ride II by Step2. Because as far as ride on toys go, this one’s got ’em all beat! First off, there’s the modern design, safety belt feature, and convenient parent push handle (similar to a stroller). Then there’s all the secret storage compartments (including room under the hood) to hold miscellaneous goodies such as water bottles.

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20Pewi Walking Ride On Toy

Pewi Walking Ride On Toy-The Pewi is YBike’s enhanced educational and developmental ride on “walking buddy” push toy for children age 9 mo. to 3 yrs. For indoor/outdoor play on smooth, level surfaces. For riding, pushing, sitting, and supported walking.

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19Little Tikes Fairy Cozy Coupe Ride On Toy

This beautiful fairy inspired Cozy Coupe provides endless imaginative and active play. Cute, cool and ready for action! This cozy ride-on features colors and styling to please every little princess. The fairy riding toy encourages active play, imagination, and developing motor skills.

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18Prince Lionhart Wheely Bug

The award-winning Wheelie Bug offers a fun, entertaining way to encourage gross motor skills and foster active time. Designed with multidirectional casters and an easy-to-grip handle, children can move and spin using their legs or hop on board for a ride. By providing unlimited mobility and the ability to maneuver around obstacles, the Wheelie Bug grows naturally with your child’s physical development and will continue to engage for years.

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17Chillafish Quadie Four Wheeler Ride On

The Chillafish QUADIE + TRAILIE is a 4-wheeler “grow-with-me” ride-on quad with an attachable trailer that is uniquely designed to provide a stable platform for wheeled exploring. Made from high-quality, lightweight steel, this ride-on bike takes the 4-wheeler back to its roots; simple and functional, it makes a great first ride for your child.

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16Top Bright Tricycle Scooter

TOP BRIGHT Ride On Toys for 1 Year Old Boys and Girls- A good ride on toy will help develop your baby’s motor skills and also improve eye-hand coordination and your baby’s sense of balance. Leg muscles are strengthened, and motor skills are sharpened.

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15Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Anniversary Edition

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car-children have been taking adventure and imagination on the road with one of the original ride on toys-the COZY COUPE,New features include removable floor and handle on back for parent controlled push rides.

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14Peg Perego Santa Fe Train Ride On

Little ones will love being the conductor on their very own train! perfect for 1 ½ – 3 year olds, the Santa fe train is powered by a 6-volt rechargeable battery and can travel up to 1 ½ mph. It comes with 12 curved track pieces, but can be used on carpet or smooth surfaces. Children will enjoy the working electronic sound effects and realistic details of the train.

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13Thomas And Friends Fast Tracks Ride On

Thomas and Percy compete to see whose train owns the tracks. This ride-on features a flip open convertible seat slide with mini Thomas and Percy trains that coast down the fast tracks of fun. Press the button to watch Thomas and Percy zoom down to the finish line. With highly detailed graphics it includes real Thomas and Friends phrases, sound effects and adjacent handle bar storage for your trains.

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12Kinderfeets Tinytot Balance Tricycle

The patented Kinderfeets Tiny Tot is a 2-in-1 bike that easily converts from a tricycle to a 2-wheel balance bike! Designed for “tiny tots” ages 12 to 24 months, Kinderfeets Tiny Tot starts off as a tricycle and when ready it easily converts into a 2-wheel balance bike. It’s the smallest 2-in-1 balance bike on the market.

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11Xiapia Toddler Push Tricycle

XIAPIA Baby Balance Bike Toddler Tricycle Bike No Pedals 10-24 Months Ride-on Toys Gifts Indoor Outdoor for One Year Old Boys Girls First Birthday Thanksgiving Christmas, Have our own design patent, recommend for 10-24 month baby; no pedals, fully enclosed wheel, avoid clamping baby’s feet. Comes with front wheels that are limited to 135 degree turning to avoid tipping over.

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10Kick Scooter With Foldable Seat

Beginning with a toddler scooter with seat; Little baby kids’ll be able to sit down on a comfortable & removable & adjustable seat. Adjustable handlebar with height range from 19″- 28″ which can grow with your child.

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9Wonder Walker Push And Pull Toddler Trainer

Award Winning Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy-Moveable knobs, gears and colorful balls turn it into a busy-box on wheels. The rubber lining of the wheels make this a great choice for kids, while the storage base offers room for friends to come along for the ride! Easy 15 minute assembly and your child will be all set to go discover the world!

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8Block Roll Toddler Wooden Push Cart

The Block and Roll Cart from Hape will have children zooming past on their feet in no time. This innovatively designed push and pull toy features a sturdy wooden frame to provide kids a safe, stable base to lean on as they walk farther and farther each day, and brightly painted blocks that add even more entertainment.

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7Strider Sport Balance Bike

Encourage your child to ride with a Strider Bike. When learning to ride, a child must be allowed to experience the feel of leaning and how steering affects the balance of the bike. When a child learns to ride without leaning, such as on a tricycle or bike with training wheels, they aren’t really learning to ride at all. With the help of a balance bike.

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63 Wheel Kick Scooter

Stable Design & Quick Storage – With soft rubber handlebar, high-strength aluminum alloy pipe, maximum load-bearing board, the scooter can support 132lbs weight. Easy folding in a second and no assemble needed, it’s perfect for quick storage and transportation.

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5Pidoko Kids Block And Roll Wooden Cart

Pidoko Kids Block and Roll Cart – Wooden Push and Pull Toy Activity Baby Walker, Red – Toddler Learning Toys for 1 Year Old-Sturdy wooden frame that allows kids a safe and stable platform to lean on the wooden baby walker. Cleverly designed rubber-trimmed wheels to protect floors.

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4Red Wonder Wagon

With a beautiful and classic design, this NEW “Wonder Wagon” from Hape will become a favorite passed down for generations in your family. Perfect for the special little boy or girl in your life, this multi-purpose wagon will enchant and delight with its timeless red and white design. Your new little walker will discover many ways to build confidence and stability in this darling wooden wagon.

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3Radio Flyer Scoot Scooter Ride On

The Scoot 2 Scooter grows with your child through two milestones of play. It is designed to easily convert from a ride-on to a scooter in one quick step without using tools! The sturdy frame and 4 wheels allow beginners to safely build confidence and balance while riding. The adjustable handle provides a comfortable ride in each riding mode. For ages 1-4 years.

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2Kinderfeets Retro Wooden Balance Strider

Derived from the Dutch word for “children” and “bicycle,” a Kinderfeets is a wooden push bike designed to ease the transition to pedal-powered bicycle at a toddler’s comfort level.Kids love the illustrations, drawings and themes while parents might just get a little nostalgic looking at them.

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1Kinderfeets Classic Chalkboard Strider Ride On

Kinderfeets Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike High quality hand-made wooden pushbike with footpegs in blue chalkboard finish. Includes a pack of Crayola chalk! The Kinderfeets is designed by a Dutch designer living in California. He originally made this bike for his son because what he wanted was not available.

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